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Technivorm Hot Plates

Independently switched additional Hot Plates. Perfect for storing any extra coffee jugs and keeping them warm, plugged directly into the mains.

Single or Double Hot Plates available.

Technivorm Moccaking

Technivorm Thermoking

Technivorm Clubline 10

Technivorm Clubline 10 single jug coffee maker Technivorm Moccaking Coffee Maker with Automatic Flow Cut-off thermoking

A revolutionary coffee machine that produces 3 pints of coffee directly into a thermos flask which keeps the coffee fresh and hot, for hours on end. This machine is particularly good for offices or locations that require producing large quantities of coffee for meetings and  events.

Technivorm Moccaserver

Technivorm Moccaserver twin jug coffee maker

Large machine for use in large offices. 2 x 3¼ pint capacity jugs producing up to 180 cups per hour. This coffee machine is designed to maximise the extraction of coffee flavour in a more economical manner, therefore reducing costs and minimising the amount of fresh coffee used. Great for caterers.

Large machine for use in large offices. 2 x 3¼ pint capacity jugs producing up to 180 cups per hour. This machine takes just 4 minutes to brew a jug of coffee with an optional feature for removing the jug during brewing process with no drips - reducing stains and spillages. A firm favourite for an office environment.

Small coffee machine designed for use in smaller offices. 2.5 pint capacity jug producing up to 75 cups per hour with the option to make half a jug at a time. This machine features a switch to reduce the heat of the hot plate, reducing the stewing effect and ensuring freshness of the coffee.

Bravilor Novo

Ideal for cafes, offices and restaurants serving fresh coffee in small batches. 2 x 3 pint capacity jugs producing up to 144 cups per hour. With 2 hot plates you can keep your coffee warm and brew a new batch at the same time.

Marco Filtro Shuttle

With a brew rate of 5.5 litres and 189 cups per hour, this machine is ideal for restaurants and large offices. It can produce 300 cups of piping hot water per hour for other beverages such as tea or hot chocolate.

Marco Filtro Shuttle Learn more >

Bravilor Bulk Brewer

Ideal for cafes and restaurants. This machine brews large amounts of coffee and keeps it heated ready for the peak times. With different sized containers to choose from, it is great for any cafe, bar or restaurant.

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We offer Filter Coffee Machines on a Free Loan basis providing you are purchasing your Filter Coffee from us

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Free Loan Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee Filter ADD TO BASKET Bravilor B10HW Bulk Brewer

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Technivorm Moccaserver Double Hotplate Technivorm Moccaserver Single Hotplate


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